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D&D Worldwide Services, LLC.

Helping People All Around The World Obtain another chance...

​​​​​​​​Who we are...  D&D Worldwide Services LLC is an Inmate Service Provider with more than 23 years of experience with the parole system. Our team of Christian Professionals Consultants includes Paralegal Experts and Legal Analysts who specialize in the parole process. We create Parole Plans and provide Parole Plan Documentation Services worldwide. Regardless of which State your loved one is incarcerated in; we can assist with the preparation of their upcoming parole review.

What we do... The shorter version, every case is reviewed by one of the Legal Analyst who will generate a detailed Brief Analysis; afterward, the case will be assigned to one of the Paralegals who will complete your personalized Parole Plan.  With our Services, there is no need for you to write or gather letters of support; your Verification Clerk will contact all supporters, get their recorded statement, and create those letters for you. Furthermore, our office will collaborate the intricate details of the case including keeping you and our client updated on the MAJOR occurrences of the file - when the file is in the review process. 

Last, during the current incarceration only, if our client does not get an approval the first time - we will continue working your case for FREE until an approval is granted or your loved one is released from prison - at no additional cost. An original Parole Plan is created for the Parole Board as well as a copy for our client.  

Why choose us...  We are the No. 1 company with the HEART to help! Our corporate MANDATE is to reunite families while assisting you through the complex parole process. Thus, your loved one is not "just another case" or a "prison number". More importantly, we are more than just qualified, we have the HEART to do what we do!