Regardless of where your loved one is incarcerated, parole hearings are not to decide guilt or innocence. The Parole Board accepts as fact the guilty verdict imposed by the courts. The purpose of a parole hearing is to determine if or when a person of incarceration will be returned to society.

What is the process?  Each state differs in its procedures; however, the general concept is fairly similar. Each state has a Parole Board that conducts a parole hearing. The outcome of the hearing is either the approval or denial of parole.  

What is parole review?  Parole review is the start of the process when a file is prepared for the voting board members. Generally, the parole review process begins approximately 4 to 6 months prior to the parole eligibility date or the next review date. If parole is denied, the review process repeats until parole is granted or the complete sentence is served and discharged. 

What is parole?  Parole is a privilege NOT a right!  Parole is the release of a person from incarceration to serve the remainder of his or her sentence in the community while under supervision. An incarcerated person may only be paroled if they have served enough of their sentence to be eligible for parole and thus voted an approval by the voting board members.   If parole is available in your state, we can help!

What is a parole plan?  A Parole Plan is a presentation presented to the Parole Board showing justifiable reasons why a person of incarceration is a favorable candidate for parole. A parole plan is utilized to humanize and highlight the potentials of an incarcerated person while reinforcing and emphasizing a solid plan for their successful transition and reintegration into society. 

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