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D&D Worldwide Services, LLC.

D&D Worldwide Services LLC is an Inmate Service Provider; our clients are Pro Se.  Our office is staffed with Legal Analysts and Paralegals, we "cannot" and "will not" give legal advice neither will our office conduct any free or paid consultations; please contact an attorney of your choice for free or paid consultations.

The information and direction provided by us is for general informational purposes only and should only be construed as such. Our services are intended to guide and/or educate clients in the "right direction" while assisting them during the parole review process. We attempt to provide current and useful information concerning parole and parole procedures.

D&D Worldwide Services LLC is not a representative of or affiliated with any of the Parole Boards in any state or in any way. All individual cases are different; therefore, we do not make any promises or guarantees of parole being granted. No one can guarantee parole being granted EXCEPT the Parole Board; thus, all parole related decisions remain in the hands of the voting members only.  

D&D Worldwide Services LLC does not  write writs... apply for pardons... nor do we apply for time cuts as they are nearly impossible to obtain as well as overturn; thus, we work with the hand that has been dealt and work towards preparing a realistic Parole Plan to aid our  Client in obtaining a favorable vote from the Parole Board. 

Lastly, while D&D Worldwide Services LLC passes no judgement on anyone that has been charged and convicted of a crime, we accept all cases with the EXCEPTION of human trafficking; otherwise, all cases are confidential and will be treated with courtesy, regardless of the crime!